• Wayside Middle School

    About us…


    Enrollment - Around 900
    Grades Served - 6th, 7th, & 8th grades
    School Mascot
    Wayside Wildcats
    School Colors - Blue and White
    School Hours - 8:25am - 3:30pm


     Wayside School


    Wayside’s history began in the late 1800’s. Before The Wayside School was established in 1898, students attended “The Dozier School” which began in 1883. The land on which the Dozier School was built was donated by W.E. Boswell and was offered at no cost as long as the land was used for public school purposes.

    When The Wayside School began in 1898, the school district was called the Dozier Common School District No. 17 until 1915, when it was changed to the Wayside Common School District.

    The two-room Wayside School operated until 1948 when the Wayside and Dido Common School Districts consolidated to form Eagle Mountain-Saginaw School District. Prior to the opening of the current Wayside building, the district’s "junior high" was located next door to Saginaw Elementary. School administrators frowned upon their close proximity, so the school was built on its current site at the corner of Bailey Boswell and Old Decatur Road.

    At first, the school was to be named Boswell Junior High, but then it was decided that it should be called Wayside Junior High to represent the history of the area. When Wayside opened in 1964, it served grades 7 – 9, had 16 classrooms, 14 teachers, and had an enrollment of 375.