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  • Student Requests

       Students, if you need to request to meet with your counselor or you have a question for them then click the link below
  • Upcoming Events

    Counselor Corner reopened September 13th during all lunches in the library.


    2018-2019 Course Registration 

    Your next step in the 2018-19 scheduling process is the adjustment window where you can request to adjust the courses that you requested.  Changes will be made based on availability in each class.  The online change form will be available Monday May 21st and remain open through May 25th.  It will be located on the BHS Counselor website on the left side.  See attachment for more information and resources about PCS.

     PCS Flyer


     If you missed Open House on September 5th or misplaced your Counselor Information flyer then you can find it here.  Counselor Flyer 2017-2018

  • Summer School

    For information about summer school click HERE.
  •  Counselor Corner

    Starting on September 13th: The counselors are available in the Library to meet with all students during all 3 lunch periods Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  No appointment is needed.  All questions are welcome and we can help with college, career, and scholarship searches.
  • college and career
    The College and Career website has lots of information to help you as you search for options.  There is information about ACT, SAT, Military, Paying for College, College events and more.  Click the following link to access this great resource.  
  • Stay connected with BHS Counselors

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  •  Reminder 101

    We are using Reminder 101 to send out important information.  We will send out reminders about upcoming events and deadlines.  We have accounts set up for each grade. Below you will find how to get added to the send out list.  Make sure you use the correct code for your graduation class.  If you signed up last year you do not have to sign up again
    Class of 2018:        Text @bhscof2018 to 682.224.7495 
    Class of 2019:        Text @bhscof2019 to 682.224.7495 
    Class of 2020:        Text @bhscof2020 to 682.224.7495  
    Class of 2021:        Text @bhscof2021 to 682.224.7495 
  • Personalized Course Selection Video
    This video will go over the last step in the registration process