Boswell Driver's Ed 2014 - 2015

Start Date:                   Sign Ups (during lunch in the cafeteria):
September 22               September 10
January 12                   December 17
March 23                      March 4
June 1                          May 20
Boswell students' sign ups are held in the cafeteria during lunches on the above dates.  Chisholm students may sign up via email on the above dates at 
 If space is available, students may also sign up after the above dates in room J105 or via email. 
Classes meet Monday - Friday from 6:30 AM - 8:30 AM in the Boswell Lecture Hall for a total of 32 hours. 
Total Cost: $300
Payments:     Total payment is due by the first class.
Driving Phase:
1. Students must have 7 hours behind the wheel instuction and 7 hours observation.
2. Students must hold their learner's permits for a 6 month period before they are eligible to test for their license.  Students will be scheduled to drive during this 6 month period.  Instructors will contact the students individually when it is their turn to drive.  It usually takes the entire 6 month period to complete the driving portion with all students.
Students are also required to complete 30 additional driving hours with their parents.  10 of these hours must be at night.
For more information contact:
Molly Ludington