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Boswell CTE Mission Statement

Boswell Career and Technical Education will provide each student with immediate work force or post-secondary training skills, empower students with opportunities to select a career path, and empower students with personal accountability, team work, technical training, work ethic and problem solving skills.
Frequently Asked Questions
CTE students will take introductory classes and all core classes at their home campus and then take advanced courses at the HCTE Center or their home campus. When students select a Program of Study (POS), they are not selecting a college major or making a life-long commitment to a specific occupation. Selecting a POS is allowing a student the opportunity to explore a variety of careers. Programs of Study do not eliminate the student from participating in any co-curricular activities such as athletics, fine arts or similar courses.
What career paths can I purse at HCTC? Advanced Architecture, Animation and Graphic Design, Audio/Video Production (Radio & TV), Automotive Technology, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Advanced Engineering-Aeroscience, Education and Training, Firefighter, Forensic Science, Health Science, Information Technology, Law and Public Safety, Manufacturing, Robotics, and Welding.

Pathways at BOS? Agriculture, Architecture and Construction, Business, Education and Training, Finance, and Marketing Education. Many of the HCTC career paths start with taking the prerequisites here at BOS.
Who can take classes at HCTC? EM-S ISD junior and senior students are eligible.
When Can I sign up for classes? 1. Students who are interested in the classes at HCTC need to select the classes at register during the month of February at BOS. The counselors will be coming to classes to register students for the 2014-15 school year.  2. Students must also fill out a CTE enrollment request form.
Where can I find the CTE Enrollment Request Form? The CTE enrollment request form will be available on this website starting Jan 17, 2014. Look under the heading CTE Enrollment Request Form on the left side of this page.
How will I know if I got into a class at the HCTC? Your CTE counselor will contact you before school is out for the summer.
 Can I drive my car to the HCTC or do I have to ride the bus? Students can drive thier car as long as they have a signed parent permission slip on file along with proof of insurance. Students are allowed to transport another student to the HCTC with signed parent permission form on file at the HCTC.
If I ride the bus where does the bus the pick up for HCTC? The HCTC bus picks up in the regular bus pick up and drop off area which is just right outside of the cafeteria.                              
Jocelyn McBride, CTE Counselor
Boswell High School
817-237-3114 ext 8141
Hollenstein Career and Technology Center
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