Advantages of taking AP exams:
    • It gives high school students the opportunity to earn college credit. In order to graduate from a college or university, a certain number of college credits must be obtained. Going into college with credits already under a student’s belt is a great way to put them ahead and possibly speed up the time frame in which they hope to graduate.
    • It allows students to skip some 101 classes. Depending on the AP course(s) and exam(s) taken, incoming freshmen with AP credits may be eligible to go straight into their core classes instead of relearning subjects already taken in high school.
    • AP credits are impressive to colleges and universities. Nothing demonstrates how serious a student is about their college career than by having AP scores and credits completed during high school. Many colleges specifically look for candidates with these types of academic accomplishments.
    • It better prepares students for college life. Going from high school to college is culture shock enough but being exposed to AP courses and exams is a fitting way to introduce students to this next phase in their lives.

    2018 AP Exam Schedule

    Monday, May 7                                                                    Monday, May 14                 

    Morning: Chemistry                                                            Morning: Biology

                  Spanish Literature and Culture                                            Music Theory 

    Afternoon: Psychology                                                        

    Tuesday, May 8                                                                  Tuesday, May 15

    Morning: Seminar                                                              Morning: Calculus AB and BC

                  Spanish Language and Culture                              Afternoon: French Language and Culture

    Afternoon: Physics 1                                                                           Computer Science A

                    Art History                                                                           

    Wednesday, May 9                                                             Wednesday, May 16

    Morning: English Literature and Composition                        Morning: English Language and Composition

    Afternoon: Physics 2                                                          Afternoon: Macroeconomics

    Thursday, May 10                                                              Thursday, May 17

    Morning: US Government and Politics                                  Morning:World History

    Afternoon: Environmnental Science                                     Afternoon: Statistics

    Friday, May 11                                                                    Friday, May 18

    Morning: German Language and Culture                               Morning: Human Geography 

                  United States History                                        

    Afternoon: Computer Science Principles

    Studio Art Portfolios