• Roy Burns
    Contact Information:
    Name: Roy Burns

    Law Enforcement I
    Law Enforcement II
    911 Dispatch
    Phone: 817.306.1925   x7620
    Conference: 3th Period
    Room Number: A1113
    Class Schedule:
    1st and 2nd Law II
    3rd Period Conference 
    5th and 6th Law I
    7th and 8th Law I

    Thank you for visiting my web page. I am teaching Law Enforcement I/II and 911 Dispatch. I have had over 30 years of experience in Law Enforcement, Private and Federal Security. This class is about your kids and giving them the best opportunity to succeed in life. 
    Law Enforcement I is an overview of the history, organization, and functions of local, state, and federal law enforcement.  In Law Enforcement II students will learn about the challenges in Law Enforcement and the opportunities in the field.  This course includes the role of constitutional law, the United States legal system, criminal law, law enforcement terminology, and the classification and elements of crime.
    911 Dispatch - Your child will receive a certificate from the National Academy of Emergency Dispatchers while in this class and learn about the challenges that face 911 dispatchers. 
    Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you might have.