• Doty Scoville
    Family Consumer Sciences- 
    1st Human Growth and Development
    2nd Human Growth and Development
    3rd Counseling and Mental Health
    4th Lunch/Duty
    5th Conference
    6th Career Prep
    7th Principles of Education and Training
    8th Travel
    817-306-0914 ext.8578
    Welcome to the 2016 -2017  school year. I am your son/daughter’s Family and Consumer Sciences teacher. The courses in this department include; Principles of Hospitality and Tourism, Principles of Human Services, Principles of Education and Training, Instructional Practices in Education and Training, Practicum in Education and Training, Human Growth and Development, Counseling and Mental Health, and Life Time Nutrition.  All areas of FCS are connected by their unique focus on improving the lives of individuals, families, and communities. For more information on these courses, feel free to contact me I will be happy to discuss them with you. Please encourage your student to attend class on a regular basis, complete assignments, and be prepared with materials needed.
    Each Family Consumer Sciences student is a member of the local chapter of Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA). Involvement in FCCLA offers members the opportunity to expand their leadership potential and develop skills for life such as planning, goal setting, problem solving, decision-making and interpersonal communication necessary in the home and workplace. Students who join FCCLA pay dues of $20.00 and are eligible to attend regional, state, and national leadership activities.

    Each student enrolled in any of the Education and Training classes are encouraged to join Texas Association of Future Educators (T.A.F.E.). T.A.F.E. is a statewide organization that offers students the opportunity to explore the teaching profession. We accomplish this by creating and supporting various activities, workshops, contests, scholarships and summer camps. Dues are $10.00

    I look forward to working with you and your son/daughter. If you have, any questions feel free to contact me at school or through e-mail. 817- 306-0914  ext. 8578 dscoville@ems-isd.net.