Welcome to M.A.P.S.
    Room 122
    Conference period 4th 11:00 - 11:45am
    Mr. Rachels email: jrachels@ems-isd.net
     Student contact email: jrachels@student.ems-isd.net


     Mr. Rachels in 2007-2008

    Class Schedule

    1st pd. 

     8:20am - 9:10am


    2nd pd.

    9:15am - 10:05am


    3rd pd. 

     10:10am - 10:55am


    4th pd.

     11:50am - 11:45am


    5th pd.

     11:50am - 12:35 pm



     12:35pm - 1:05pm


    6th pd.

     1:10pm - 1:45pm


    7th pd.

     1:50pm - 2:40pm


    8th pd.

     2:45pm - 3:30pm


    What is MAPS?

    Welcome to Methodology of Academic and Personal Success.

    Methodology of Academic and Personal Success (M.A.P.S.) is a one semester class. The purpose of this class is to create goals and a 4 year plan for high school. You will learn and use Microsoft Office, Career Cruising – “Assessments, Who Am I”, study Career Clusters, Career Research, High School 101, 4 Year Planning, Post-Secondary Planning, Financial Aid/Scholarships, Goal Setting, Job Skills, Banking. The subjects you master in this class will add to your success for the remainder of your school career.

    As much as possible this class will be a paperless class. Only a few assignments will be printed. The majority of your work is submitted to me on the network. You will print notes and study sheets as needed.

    Parents can contact me by calling the school and leaving a message or e-mail me. Conferences can by scheduled on an as needed bases.

    The following is a tentative schedule for the class:
Each day begins with a five minute typing tutorial using www.typing.com

    MAPS Syllabus

    Week 1

    Class Intro, Acceptable Use, Safety and Logging into all programs

    Week 2

    Office 365, Canvas

    Week 3

    Career Cruising – Assessments, Who Am I

    Week 4

    Career Clusters

    Week 5

    Career Research

    Week 6

    Week 7

    High School 101

    Week 8

    Week 9

    4 Year Planning

    Week 10

    Week 11


    Week 12

    Week 13

    Financial Aid/Scholarships

    Week 14

    Goal Setting

    Week 15

    Job Skills

    Week 16

    Week 17


    Week 18



    Grades will be calculated in the following manner:

    Warm-up work       minor

    Daily work             minor           


    Test                      major

    Projects                major

    minor 40% major 60%

    Students are expected to follow all school rules. For most discipline situations, I will assign detention or get the parents involved. As a last resort I will involve the school administrations.

    Classroom Rules

    1) Obey all school rules & be respectful to everyone.

    2) Remain seated during class.

    3) Only visit appropriate/approved websites (no video/music/game sites).

    4) Avoid using any storage devices from home unless given permission from the teacher.

    5) Do not unplug any cables, cords, power supplies, or the like from any of the computers and only touch your computer, mouse, and monitor.

    6) In this class, only work on M.A.P.S., not other assignments from other classes unless approved by the teacher.

    7) Keep cell phones and electronic devices put away unless you have permission from the teacher.  Cell phones should not be seen or heard during class.


    All assignments will have a due date.  If an assignment is turned in one day after the due date 15 points will be deducted.  If an assignment is turned in two days after the due date 15 more points will be deducted.  The third day 15 more points deducted.  Beyond 3 days the assignment will not be accepted.  If a student is absent, one extra day is granted for each excused absence.

    MAPS Links

    Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD is not responsible for the content of sites hosted on outside webservers.

    Typing Tutorial

    Typing Tutorial in Spanish


    Canvas Login


    Career Cruising

    Junior Achievement

    Career Information: Kids.gov

    Occupational Outlook Handbook

    O* Net OnLine

    Website for Citing Sources


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