Jennifer Cross, M.A., LPC
Intervention Counselor

817-232-8074 x #6423


This is my sixth year in EMS ISD, and I am excited to continue working with our students Mrs. Cross and
families!  I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, and am the Intervention Counselor for two wonderful schools. 
I am scheduled to be at ADC/Watson High School on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and half a day Friday.  My schedule fluctuates based on student needs, so please call and/or email me with any questions or concerns.


The Intervention Counseling Program is a school-based process that utilizes a systematic approach to removing barriers which may interfere with student learning. Key elements of the Intervention Counseling Program are identification, screening, intervention, and support. The Intervention Counseling Program fosters collaboration between schools and communities by referring students for assessment and subsequent treatment, when necessary. The goals of this program are to help students achieve their fullest academic potential, improve school environment, foster risk reduction, build developmental assets, and to recognize and promote resiliency.

Referrals to the intervention counselor may be initiated by students, parents, teachers, or administrators. All referrals are confidential but parental involvement is encouraged in all levels of intervention.