• Tam and Grace
    Welcome to Mrs. Williams's Website! Thanks for visiting. I am one of the 8th grade ELA teachers. I teach PreAP and on-level ELA.   If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact me. Also send me any pictures of things going on at school functions for the yearbook!
    1st Period-          8th Grade English
    2nd Period-         8th Grade PAP English
    3rd Period-          8th Grade English
    4th Period-          8th Grade English
    5th Period-          8th Grade English
    6th Period-          Advisory
    7th Period-          Conference
    8th Period-           8th Grade PAP English 
    Phone:                   (817) 237-9631
    Email:                     twilliams@ems-isd.net 
    Conference:           1:52-2:48
    Room Number:      247