• Guidelines for Success in the Hallways


    Use level 1 voice.

    Use polite manners, such as, “please,” “thank         you,” “yes ma’m,” “no ma’m,” “yes sir,” and “no sir.”


        Be in your seat and begin lesson or writing in your lesson planner before the tardy bell rings.


      Bring pencil/pen, binder, planner, and assignments to class everyday.

      You must have your pass/planner signed to be in the hallway during class.

      Students are allowed to go to lockers during grade level designated time.


    Enter/exit the classroom quietly to allow others to continue working.

    Walk by other students and classrooms without disturbing others.


    Follow rules without adult reminders.

    Students remain in seats until teacher dismisses.

    Walk and talk positively at level 1 voice.

    Help others if needed.


    Keep hands, feet and all objects to yourself.

    Drawstring bags ONLY.

    Use level 1 voice.


    Pickup trash and put in trash can.

    Food and drinks in cafeteria only.

    Help others if needed.