• Arrival and Dismissal:

    Morning classes: First bell is at 7:55. Students are tardy at 8:00.

    Classes are dismissed at 11:00

    Afternoon classes: First bell is at 12:25. Students are tardy at 12:30.

    Classes are dismissed at 3:30.

    Children may begin arriving at 7:30 for the morning classes and 12:00 for the afternoon classes. Your child should arrive at 7:30 for breakfast or 12:00 for lunch. If your child attends morning class and is not eating breakfast at school, he/she may arrive at 7:50. If your child attends afternoon class and is not eating lunch at school, he/she may arrive at 12:20. Any student who is not eating breakfast/lunch will wait in the library in the area designated for his/her class. Staff members will supervise students in the cafeteria and library.

    If you bring your child to school, you may park in a marked space and walk your child to the front door. However, you may also drive up and drop off your child in the designated area. Please help your child quickly exit your car to keep our traffic running smoothly. Please drive along the curb as far forward as possible. Between 7:30-7:55 and 12:00-12:25, staff members will meet your child at the front door to see that he/she enters the building safely and proceeds to the cafeteria or library. After these times, you are expected to park in a marked space and walk in with your child. You may not park and leave your car in the drop off/pick-up area or the bus loading area. Please be aware that the Saginaw Police Department will be called in the event of unsafe behavior in our parking lot.

    If you wish to walk your child to the cafeteria or library door, you must park in a marked space. Enter the office to receive a visitor sticker. Photo ID is required.

    If you accompany your child to the cafeteria, you will need to say your good-byes before your child leaves with his/her class. Your child’s school day will get off to a better start if he/she is focused on the class and the teacher. When teachers arrive to lead children to the classroom, parents must leave the building.

    At dismissal, classes will wait with their teachers in front of the building in the area indicated by the teacher’s name. You may park your car in a marked space and walk up for your child. Each child must be released by the teacher. Please have your ID with you. You may use the pick-up/drop off lane at dismissal. Pull forward as far as possible. You will be provided a sign for your car window. Display the sign in the front passenger side window for easy viewing by our staff. A staff member will walk your child to your car. You are responsible for securing your child in the seatbelt or car seat.