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    The 2018 Yearbook is on sale now.
    Don't know if your student has ordered a yearbook? Check out the list HERE. This list is orders as of Jan. 25 at 3 p.m.
    Adviser: Mary Beth Lee
    The Frontier Yearbook and other Ranger Media products are student led, student produced projects funded solely by yearbook sales, sponsorships and advertisements. Faculty adviser Mary Beth Lee serves as a facilitator of instruction. Students involved in Ranger Media work as MMJs, multi-media journalists, creating content in all media forms from journalistic stories to photography and design. Students use the Adobe Creative Suite to create the media produced a CTHS. When students leave the program they should be well-versed in InDesign and PhotoShop. Newspaper students will also use WordPress to create the paper and iMovie to create multi-media productions. Problem solving and deadline management are key skills Ranger Media staff members walk away with as well. On top of that, students learn the ins and outs of running a small business. Sales and marketing are essential to a strong media program, and our students learn those skills from the beginning of the school year, successfully creating a business and marketing plan to fund their program.
    Ranger Media students aren't necessarily moving into a journalism, mass communication or marketing major after high school (if they want to, they will be trained to do so). Instead, Ranger Media MMJs are learning leadership, communication and technological skills that will last a lifetime.  
    If you want to join the Ranger Media team, please see Mrs. Lee in room 303. If you are looking for yearbook sales info, click the yearbook information tab to the side, or you can click on the banner below to order online.

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