• The faculty and staff at Greenfield Elementary feel that regular attendance and punctuality are important to success in school and are also qualities of a good citizen. Section II of the Student Handbook contains information for students and parents regarding absences/attendance. Please review this information carefully.


    The school day for Greenfield students begins at 7:35 each morning. The doors to the building open with the 7:10 bell. The next bell rings at 7:25 and students are permitted to enter the classroom at this time.  Students are considered tardy if they are not in the building when the 7:35 bell rings.   ***  Students who eat breakfast in the cafeteria are considered tardy if they are not in the classroom when the 7:35 bell rings.  Dismissal time for students is 2:40.


    1. For our records, we ask that you send a written note upon your child’s return to school with an explanation of the absence.  A phone call is not necessary.  Make-up assignments will be made available to students after any absence, however the student will be responsible for finding out about the assignments and completing them within 2 days of returning to class. 


    2. Parents are encouraged to schedule medical and dental appointments before or after school. When this is not possible, an official excuse from the doctor or dentist will be required in order for the tardy or absence to be excused.


    The temporary absence, according to School Board Policy, will not be counted as an absence if the student begins classes or returns to school on the same day of the appointment and satisfactorily completes all missed assignments. REMEMBER: An excuse from the doctor will be required.


    3. Students are expected to be in the building before the 7:35 bell. Students not in the building  at this time will receive a tardy slip from the front desk.  Unfortunately, students with 3 unexcused tardies in a 9 week period will not be eligible for perfect attendance awards at the end of the nine weeks. 


    **ALL tardies, with the exception of medical and dental appointments, are unexcused


    **Unexcused absences include days or parts of days so excessive tardies or early dismissals could eventually require a meeting with the campus attendance committee.


    4. Every student enrolled in school is expected to attend on a regular basis


    Students who have perfect attendance during a nine weeks period will be recognized. Students who have perfect attendance for the school year will receive an attendance medal and those with good attendance (no more than two absences) will receive a certificate.


    We need your help in getting your child to school and in getting them to school on time! If you have questions or concerns, please call the Greenfield office at 817-237-0357.

    Thank you for your help and cooperation.  Being at school and on time is so critical for student success!