• Building Security, Visitation and Dismissals

    Building security and student safety are a top priority at Greenfield Elementary. We want our campus to be a place where visitors feel welcome, however for this to happen in a safe manner, we have established guidelines to help ensure that unauthorized visitors are not entering our building.

    1.      Anyone who is not an employee at Greenfield and plans to go anywhere in the building beyond the office must wear a printed badge between the hours of 7:05 – 2:50. You will receive your badge when your driver’s license is scanned in the front office. Your license will be kept in the office until you depart from the building. 

    2.      Visitors for lunch must follow the guidelines listed above. Siblings accompanying parents to lunch must be supervised at all times.

    3.      If a teacher has requested your assistance as a volunteer, you must have an approved volunteer form on file. A new form must be completed each year. No other children (younger or older) will be allowed to accompany you while you assist in the classroom.

    4.      If someone other than those listed on the student registration form is going to pick up your child from school, we must receive prior written notice from you. You will then be contacted by the office for verification. The person picking up the student must present a driver’s license for identification.

    5.      We will not dismiss students after 2:20 p.m. If you need to pick up your child early from school, you will need to do so before 2:20. This will allow adequate time for us to locate your child and for them to retrieve and pack up their belongings. Sending a note to the teacher in the morning will facilitate this process.

    6.      You need to set up an appointment to speak to your child’s teacher(s) when you have concerns. Teachers begin class immediately after opening their door for students each morning and have duties, training, meetings, etc. before and after school which they are required to attend. By setting an appointment to discuss your concerns, the teacher can ensure that you have his/her undivided attention and that your concerns can be addressed in an appropriate manner.   This also eliminates unnecessary interruptions to our students’ learning time.  

    7.      Your child needs to arrive on time.  This is very, very important because we begin instruction immediately each day. If you drop your child off in the morning after the 7:35 tardy bell, you will need to accompany them into the office where they will receive a tardy slip.

    8.      After Friday, August 25, parents will no longer be permitted to walk students to their classrooms in the morning. Parents are welcome to walk children up to the foyer located by the front door and say good-bye there. It is not possible for us to monitor visitors during this time if we allow everyone the freedom to walk the building. After one week of school, we believe that all students should be ready to follow procedures on their own. 

    Thank you for your help and cooperation in following these guidelines. We want our students to be safe and we want to take advantage of all learning time!