• We believe here at Wayside Middle School that every child should develop a healthy lifestyle.  Physical education is a great way to introduce students to a variety of life long fitness activities.  It is our passion to be active. The athletic staff wants P.E. to be a fun and exciting part of each students day.  We will work on previously introduced skills in order to obtain mastery, as well as, new skills and activities throughout the year.  Being active helps students to develop a positive self-esteem, sociability, mental focus, and creativity.  As coaches we want your child to get "moving" during physical education.  Our expectation is that each student will put their best effort into daily activities. Being active is a everyday event.... so put your best foot forward and let's get healthy and fit! 
    Mark Owen
    6th PE and  Boys Athletics 7th @ 8th
    817-232- 0541 ex. Boys Ath
    Conference time: 1:50-2:30
    1st Pd. 7th Men's Athletics
    2nd Pd. 6th Pre/ Ath
    3rd Pd.  6th PE/Pre. Ath.
    4th Pd..  Lunch Duty
    5th Pd.  6th Pre /Ath
    6th Pd.  7th PE
    7th Pd.  Con 
    8th Pd. 8th Mens Athletics  
    Mark Owen  
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