• Registration Requirements
    • Withdraw paperwork and report card from the previous school
    • Student's birth certificate (Not a hospital issued birth certificate)
    • Student's Social Security Card
    • Current immunization records
    • Original utility bill in parent's name along with a matching driver's license
    • Valid Texas driver's license or identification card

    Note: If the student lives with someone other than a parent, additional notarized paperwork is required. A notary is on campus to complete this paperwork.

    Acceptable Proof of Residency

    • Original Utility Bill in Parent's Name along with a matching Driver's License
    • Mortgage/Rent Receipts for Current or Previous Month
    • Homeowners Insurance in the Parent’s Name
    • Lease Agreement
    • Deed of Sale
    After all registration forms are complete, we ask the parent to wait to send the student until the next school day. This gives the student's teacher time to prepare a desk and all necessary books in order to make the first day go smoothly!