• Mr. Ed Willkie Mr. Ed Willkie joined Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD as a Board Member and served over 30 years in various capacities. He felt like he did not get the best quality education as a child and wanted to make a difference.  He believes students should get equal opportunity.  He is proud of EMS-ISD and knows it is still a shining star in the great state of Texas. 

    Mr. Ed Willkie was born on May 30th 1933 in a little farm house on the outskirts of Zionsville, Indiana.  He was born during the great depression.  Times were hard for his family and his parents struggled to make ends meet in Indiana.

    The family then moved to Wisconsin in 1946 where Mr. Willkie attended school. Mr. Willkie was an athlete. He played basketball and football throughout his school years and was state recognized in both sports. His basketball team was #1 in the state for 14 consecutive weeks.   He was recently informed that after 62 years, someone has finally broke his scoring record. Although his scoring record has been beaten, he still holds the title for the highest scored points in one game, at an average of 24 points. After his all-star high school years, Ed decided to go to college.

    He attended Stout University, which is a part of the University of Wisconsin; thus the Badger mascot here at Ed Willkie Middle School.  He was unable to finish college; however, worked his way up in a magazine company to become one of the youngest Vice Presidents of a company.  He then moved to Fort Worth, Texas over 45 years ago.  He worked in the manufacturing industry and then ended his career with a candy display business that he turned over to his son as he retired to enjoy life to its fullest. 

    Mr. Willkie is married to his beautiful wife, Madonna going on 61 years.  They have raised three children who attended EM-S ISD schools.  His oldest daughter graduated valedictorian at Boswell in the class of 1974 and went on to attend Sam Houston University.  He has nine grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

    Mr. Willkie stated, “We are doing a super job” here at Ed Willkie Middle School.  He challenges us to “keep on doing a great job.”  The Badger Family is truly grateful to the impact Mr. Ed Willkie has made to our community and our campus!