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    Virtual Graphing Calculator

    Follow the directions below to download a free virtual graphing calculator from Texas Instruments.
    1. Click on the following link to go to the Texas Instruments download site:
    2. Click the DOWNLOAD button under the calculator.
    3. Click on TI83 Plus SDK (it has a red down arrow by it)
    4. Press the Continue as a guest button
    5. Press the Save File button
    6. Run 83psdk_setup(1).exe file
    7. Press the Continue button
    8. Read agreement and select Yes
    9. Press Next button, press the Next button at the Destination folder box, press Next button, then press the Finish button.
    10. Close the Readme file box
    11. Reboot system
    12. Click on the "TI-83 Plus Flash Debugger" Icon to start the program.(icon should be on your desktop)
    13. Click File -> New -> Ti-83 Plus (or silver edition)
    14. Click Debug -> Go
    A calculator will appear on your screen. Use your mouse to click the buttons.
    You can minimize the box behind the calculator. If you close the box you will close the calculator.