• Important Information for parents who drop off & pick up their students by car:

    As many of you know, dismissal time is a busy time at Willow Creek. We encourage you to arrive at the campus no earlier than 2:40pm as this is the earliest that any of our students would be dismissed. 

    Kindergarten parents, we encourage you to arrive at 2:45pm to allow students time to prepare and dismiss for the day. Safety rather than speed is our priority. 

    Please be patient during the first couple of weeks as students adjust back to school and our dismissal procedures are fine-tuned. Please drive safely!


    If the front traffic circle is full, you must enter the school from the west.

    If the traffic circle is full, you must pass the traffic circle and enter the school from the west (this would be turning LEFT into the traffic circle off of McLeroy). There is a turning lane for cars entering from the west that is set up to handle a line of cars. You can also alter your route so that you always approach the school from the west. 

    CLICK here FOR A MAP of alternate routes.


    Please arrive as close to dismissal time as possible.  

    If you are picking up 1st-5th grade students, they will not be out front until just after 2:40pm. Please do not arrive before 2:25pm. If you do arrive earlier than 2:25pm, please park in the front lot and get out of your car and come to the "Walker Station" which is a black wolverine paw painted on the sidewalk in front of the gym to wait to pick up your child. This will keep the front circle free from parked cars and help our traffic pattern move more efficiently.


    We appreciate your help with this important request. The City of Saginaw does enforce this rule.


    If you have questions, please contact the Willow Creek office at 817-232-2845.