• Comanche Springs Elementary School




    Dear Parents or Guardians,                          cl


    Thanks to our WONDERFUL PTA, we have a Traverse Climbing Wall in the gym.


    Through out the year, your child has the opportunity to participate in climbing wall activities as part of our physical education program.


    We are using a Traverse Climbing Wall to host many exciting activities. At its highest point, the wall measures 8 feet and is approximately 40 feet long. Participants climb horizontally (traverse) across the wall and their feet should never be higher than 3 feet off the ground (marked by a solid red line on wall). Your child will climb under the careful supervision of an adult instructor at all times.


    Indoor rock climbing is one of the fastest growing activities today. It simultaneously develops coordination, strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. Additionally, important life skills like problem solving, goal setting, perseverance, inner confidence and patience will be learned in this unit.


    In order for your child NOT to participate in our climbing wall activities, I must have a signed permission slip.  Should you have any questions regarding this exciting educational opportunity, please do not hesitate to call me at 817-847-8700 ext. 4084 or by email drobinson02@ems-isd.net.