• Campus Discipline Plan

    In order to create a sense of continuity across grade levels and in the interest of fostering responsible students, we have developed a school-wide behavior management plan that teachers will follow with all students. Each teacher has discussed with their students the standards of behavior that will help to create a safe and productive learning environment for all. It is important for parents and guardians to understand the rules that students are expected to follow and to support teachers in their efforts to provide a consistent set of guidelines.

    Each student will have an individual Student Behavior Sheet maintained by the teacher in order to keep a complete record of positive and negative behaviors. All staff members will be expected to make note of any deviations from acceptable standards of behavior using a point system. Offenses will be noted by number and/or note on the individual Student Behavior Sheet. The Behavior Management Plan below outlines the types of behaviors that might be noted and the point system that will be used throughout the school.

    We believe that by consistently enforcing a school-wide policy of acceptable behavior to be demonstrated by each student, Chisholm Ridge Elementary will provide a safe and secure learning environment. As always, we appreciate your support and ask you to discuss acceptable school behavior with your child.

    Behavior Management Plan

    The Wrangler Way 

    Expectations                                                        Positive Behavior

    1) Respect all individuals                                   Points can be earned back at teacher’s discretion 

    1. Disrespectful to students (-2 points)                1. Good manners
    2. Being untruthful (-3)                                         2. Helping peers
    3. Inappropriate language (-3)                             3. Helping teacher
    4. Stealing/Cheating/Deceitful conduct (-6)         4. Setting a good example
    5. Disrespectful to an adult (-6)                            5. Sharing with others
    6. Obscene language/Gestures (-6)                     6. Being trustworthy
    7. Failure to show personal responsibility (1)       7. Being dependable

    2) Listen to others                                               Encouragement

    1. Talking (-1)                                                      1. Verbal recognition
    2. Interrupting teacher/others (-1)                       2. Happy notes and stickers

                                                                                     3. Positive phone call home

    3) Follow instructions                                            4. Way to go slip

    1. Off task/wasting time (-1)                                5. Individual reward
    2. Not following directions (-1)
    3. Running in the building (-2)                           Enforcement
    4. Unsafe play (-2)                                              1. Verbal warning
    5. Persistent misbehavior (-3)                             2. 2-5 Minutes taken from recess (per teacher discretion)
    6. Disruptive/uncooperative (-3)                          3. No recess/lunch detention            
    7. Failure to return signed notes (-1)                   4. Phone call home
    8. No homework/folder/supplies (-1)                   5. Office referral       


    4) Keep hands, feet & objects to myself

    1. Bothering others (-1)
    2. Failure to keep hands, feet & other objects to self (-2)
    3. Abusing property (-3)                                     Citizenship Scale
    4. Throwing objects (-3)                                       100-95           E  Excellent
    5. Physical aggression (-6)                                    94-85           S    Satisfactory
    6. Destroying property (-6)                                     84-75           N    Needs Improvement

                                                                                       74 & below    U    Unsatisfactory

    5) Use an appropriate voice

    1. Noise making (-1)