School Hours
    The school day at Chisholm Ridge begins at 7:35 am and ends at 2:35 pm.
    Students may arrive at school at 7:10 am. All students report to the hallway outside their classrooms where they can read or finish homework. On Fridays, all students convene in the gymnasium for the Wrangler Round-Up Assembly. All students who are eating breakfast will hang their backpacks/belongings in the main hallway and then go to the cafe before going down the hallways. Teachers will open their rooms for students beginning at 7:25 am. Students MUST be within their educational setting (classrooms) when the 7:35 am bell rings or they are counted tardy.
    Safety Concern - Please do not leave your child unattended on school grounds prior to staff coming on duty at 7:10 am each morning.
    Your child's presence is so important! The students will be counted tardy if they are not in their classroom ready to learn at 7:40 am. We will have the tardy table set up in the main hall for late arrival passes to class.
    Lunch Schedule
    **Please remember that only parents or guardians may come to eat with their students at lunch.**
    Kindergarten     10:15-10:45
    First Grade        11:45-12:15
    Second Grade    10:45-11:15
    Third Grade       11:15-11:45
    Fourth Grade     12:15-12:45
    Fifth Grade        12:45-1:15
    Teacher Conference Schedules
    Please see each teacher's individual website for their conference times. To arrange a conference call or email your child's teacher and a time and date to meet will be set.
    Students will be dismissed at 2:40 pm.
    If your child will be going home in a different way than normal, please notify the school by 1:30 pm that day.