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In order to answer questions about this year, your sixth grade teachers have put together some information they think is important for you to know.  Please take the time to read and understand these procedures.  Following these procedures will make your transition into middle school much smoother.


Procedures for Sixth Grade


Procedures are a part of life.  The reason we have procedures in life is so that people can function in society knowing the acceptable and efficient way other people do things.  There is a procedure for using the telephone book, tying shoes, and stopping at a traffic light.  Be sure and familiarize yourself with the school policies in your Ed Willkie handbook, too.


Morning Procedures


1.   Take care of all business before reporting to the hallway.  This includes eating breakfast or using the restroom.

2.    Once you are in the hall, you stay in the hall.

3.   Sit down with your belongings along your designated wall.  Do not block classroom doorways.

4.    You must stay seated in your location.

5.    Use a six inch voice.  No yelling.

6.    You may work in a classroom with written teacher permission.

7.    A detention will be assigned for missing work, behavior, and/or tardies.


Using Your Locker


1.    Go to your locker at grade-level designated times.  Collect any and all items you may need for your next classes.

2.    Do not slam the locker door.

3.    Do not give out your locker combination (even to your best friend).

4.    Do not put your materials in someone else’s locker, and do not allow anyone else to put his/her items in your locker.

5.    Do not leave your binder in your locker.  You are required to take it to class and home with you every day.

6.    Do not put open drinks in lockers.

7.    You must use magnets to post pictures, etc.  No tape or stickers.  Locker shelves are permitted.

8.    Do not rig your locker to open without using your combination.  Doing so may result in loss of locker privileges.


Four Minute Passing Time


1.    Go to the restroom if necessary.

2.    Go to your locker at grade-level designated times.

3.    Go quietly to your next class.  Walk on the right side of the hallway.  Keep your hands and objects to yourself.  NO TOUCHING.

4.    Use a six inch voice.  NO YELLING.

5.    Stay in the 6th grade hallway unless you permission to do otherwise.

6.    Do not go upstairs unless you have a class there.

7.    Do not stand around and talk.  Remember, you are tardy if you are not in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings.


Tardy Policy


Tardies are taken and recorded by individual teachers.


1.    You will receive a verbal warning for the first tardy.

2.    The second tardy will result in parent contact and a 30 minute detention.

3.    The third tardy will result in a one hour detention with parent contact, and team/student conference to devise a plan of action.

4.    Each tardy, thereafter, will result in an office referral.


Late Work


1.    Work is due when it is picked up by the teacher.

2.    A grade of zero will be recorded until work is received.

3.    Points will deducted each day thereafter.




1.   Tests may be corrected or retaken at teacher discretion.  





1.    Homeroom will be 6th period.

2.  This is a 40 minute period allotted for silent reading, tutoring, homework, tutorials, and organizing your work.  There will also be teacher directives during this period.

3.    Homeroom is not a visiting time.

4.    Binders and calendars will be checked frequently during homeroom.






At the end of each six weeks, a student will receive a conduct grade from each teacher.



N=Needs Improvement





1st offense—warning

2nd offense—teacher/student conference, parent contact, detention

3rd offense—parent contact, 2nd detention

4th offense—team/student conference to discuss plan of action

5th offense—team/student/parent/administrator conference

6th offense—office referral


Each student will be given a fresh start every day.  However, if a discipline problem is repeated frequently over time, further action could be taken on teacher discretion.  Some offenses result in an immediate office referral.


Detention could be served as a morning, lunch, or after school detention.  The time of day a detention is served is up to the teacher’s discretion.  If the detention is to be served before or after school, a parent will be contacted to set it up.


Some general rules of good discipline include:


·         Have all appropriate materials and supplies with you, and be seated, ready to work

·         Respect people, equipment, and furnishings

·         Follow directions the first time given

·         Observe all rules in the student handbook


Positive Reinforcement


Ed Willkie will be utilizing a positive reinforcement system know as Badger Bucks.  Students are afforded the chance to earn bucks for behavior, attendance, academics, and “gotcha” moments (catching a student performing an above and beyond task).  If the Badger Bucks are lost, the student must start over and all previous Badger Bucks are voided.  Badger Bucks may be redeemed in the EWMS Store for various items.    



The Binder System


The binder system is an effective tool to help you become an organized individual.  If you know that everything you use has a designated place to be, you will find that you don’t misplace things when you are through with them.  Binders are to be arranged as follows and will be checked weekly in advisory.


1.    Pencil bag

2.    Planner

3.    Dividers



As your child’s team of teachers, we look forward to partnering with you in educating your child.  Please contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns.  You may contact the school at 817-237-9631.  Please check out our team website on the EWMS homepage under the Academics tab.  We are looking forward to a great year!



Sixth Grade Teachers