about me
This will be my fourteenth year to teach. I have taught Kindergarten, second grade, third grade and fourth grade.  I love teaching!!  I have been married for 9 years and I have an 18 year old step-son, named Seth.  We have a boxer named, Miley. 
Here are  10 things about me…
1.  Favorite drinks:  Dr. Pepper, sweet tea and FUJI water 
 2. Favorite snack:  Peanut M & M’s
3. Hobbies: Shopping and Taking Pictures
4. I enjoy hanging out with family and friends
5. I have a Master's in Education Administration (March 2009)
6. I have two sisters, Angie and Jessica.
7. I am a foster parent. J
8. Favorite Colors: Black, red, and silver
9.            I graduated college from University of North Texas and Grand Canyon University.
 10.   I attended K-12 here at EMS-ISD and I am a BOSWELL High Grad!