8:15 Pick up from gym
8:20-8:25 Morning Announcements/morning routine
8:30-9:55 First Block, YOU will be in Math with Mr. Collett
9:55-11:25 Second Block, YOU will be in Reading with Mrs. Briley
11:25-12:15 Third Block, YOU will be in Writing/Social Studies with Mrs. Crockett
12:20-12:50 Lunch
12:50-1:10 Recess
1:10-1:25 Third block continued
1:30-2:20 Specials
     Monday: Computer
     Tuesday: PE
     Wednesday: Fine Arts
     Thursday: PE
     Friday: PE
2:20--2:35 Third Block continued
2:35-3:15 Science
3:15 Pack up
3:25 Dismiss