foot  Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.        
                                                                             - Vince Lombardi
    First day of practice will be the first day of school (August 21st). We will open the doors for 7th grade at 6:30am and 8th grade will practice after school until 4:45pm. 

     7th grade practice schedules:                                          
    Mon - 7am - 8:50am
    Tues - Game Day 7am - 8:50am
    Weds - 7:45am - 8:50am (Doors open at 7am)
    Thurs - 7am - 8:50am
    Fri -  7am - 8:50am
    8th grade practice schedules:                                          
    Mon - 2:40 - 4:45pm
    Tues - Game Day 
    Weds - 2:40 - 4:15 pm 
    Thurs - 2:40 - 4:45pm
    Fri - 2:40 - 4:45pm

    Same schedule every week unless otherwise notified. Sign up for Remind to receive updates from the boys program (see below for instructions on how to sign up)

    * The days after a game, we let the 7th graders come in later and will end practice earlier for 8th grade. Trainer will be here Weds. mornings for any injured players. 

     Please be prompt in picking up your 8th grade athlete. 
     Remind System updates - We will use the Remind System (app) to let parents know about updates in athletics as well as estimated times of arrival back from games. It's a free and easy way for us to relay information to all our parents quickly. There is a Remind for each Athletics class (7th and 8th grades). Click on the links below for each class you would like to get notifications from.  
    7th Grade Remind system flyer - 7th Grade Remind (Click to download)
    8th Grade Remind system flyer -  8th Grade Remind (click to download)