• Ms.Brimmer's Classroom Rules

    English Grade 8



                Welcome to the 8th grade at Highland Middle School. I am excited to have you in my class, and I am looking forward to a great year!

                In order for our year to run smoothly and for you to succeed in my English class,there are some rules and procedures we all must follow.  

                Please read and make sure you understand the rules listed below.


    1. Be in your seat ready to work when the bell rings.  Tardies will not be tolerated, and they will be dealt with by losing 2 Brimmer Bucks, detention, or both.


    2. I will not permit any talking while I am talking or when another student is talking. 


    3. If you would like to speak, please raise your hand.  The other students can't hear when several people are talking at once.


    4. NEVER get up to throw away paper or to sharpen a pencil while I am talking.  If you need to sharpen your pencil, either raise your hand or raise your pencil, and I will give you permission to sharpen it.  A violation will result in losing 2 Brimmer Bucks.


    5. Bring to class all your needed supplies: English folder, paper, pencils, pens etc.  A violation will result in losing BrimmerBucks.  I do not loan pencils or pens to students.  You may purchase a pencil from me for $.25 if you forget yours.


    6. I believe in treating people like Iwant to be treated.  I expect the same behavior of my students.  No ridiculing, name calling, or belittling will be tolerated. If you break this rule, you will forfeit Brimmer Bucks.


    7. Listen carefully so that you can follow directions when they are given.


    8. Don't ask to go to the restroom or your locker unless it's a real emergency. If you must go, you will lose 2 Brimmer Bucks. 


    9. Grading:  Major grades (tests, essays, folder) = 50%          PreAp   =  60%

                       Daily work (quizzes, warm-ups, etc.) = 50%        PreAP =  40%


    10. If you miss a day of class, it will be your responsibility to see me to get any make-up work that you might have missed.  Follow the guidelines in the student handbook for the number of days available to you to make-up a missed assignment. 


     11. See district handbook for grading policy.


    12. Every student is required to turn in a book report every six weeks.  You will be given book report choices each six weeks.  You will have several weeks to read your book and do the book report.  Since you have a month to get this done, NO book reports will be accepted late.


    13. I believe in holding students responsible.  Therefore, if you have an unpaid library fine, you will be given lunch detention or morning detention every day until you pay the fine and bring me proof, a receipt from the library,  that the fine is paid.

     14. Each student is to keep a folder every six weeks. It will be turned in at the end of each six weeks'period.  The grade given for the folder counts as a test grade.  All class assignments, notes, handouts, etc. given out during each six weeks period will be put in the folder according to a table of contents that I will give out at the end of each six weeks' period.  This copy of class rules should be saved and put in every folder all year.  You will not be given a second copy of any paper. 


    15. You may only use black or traditional blue ink or pencil.  If a student persists in using colored ink on papers, I may elect not to grade such papers.


    16. My desk, the table behind my desk, bulletin boards, and any personal items on bookshelves are off limits to students.  Do not touch my personal items and do not go behind my desk.


    17. All papers should have the followingheading in the upper right-hand corner:


                            Date - month, day, year



    18. When/If you run out of Brimmer Bucks, you will be assigned lunch detention which will be served in the hall in front of Mrs. Hill's room.


    By signing this, I state that I have read and understand the rules in Ms. Brimmer's class.


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