• Book Report Information

    Each six weeks my classes go to the library, usually during the first week of the six weeks’ period, and
    check out a library book, either fiction or nonfiction. Usually, the week after we go to the library I give
    the students a paper that has 5 choices (for books of fiction; nonfiction books have only 1 choice) for
    their book reports. Each student picks only one of the choices for his/her book report. The due date is
    at the bottom of the paper. Because the students have almost an entire six weeks’ period to read their
    books and get their book reports done. I will not accept any book reports late. 


    Library Book Fines

    I remind the students several times of the date their books are due. I even let them renew them during
    class time on the day they are due. If a student is not responsible and does not get his/her book
    renewed before a fine is assessed, I will assign that student either lunch detention or morning
    detention every day until the fine is paid in full.