• Corrections
    Daily Work
    All daily work grades below a 70 may be corrected.  Corrections must be completed on a separate sheet of paper.  Corrections must have all the incorrect problems re-worked with the question and corrected answer on the paper to receive a grade up to a 70. When turning corrections in, staple the corrections paper on top of the original assignment.  Assignments turned in incomplete may not be corrected.
    Test Corrections
    Students that earn a grade below a 70 on a test will be offered tutorials.  After the tutorial period, the student will be given the chance to retake the test. 
    All students may correct their incorrect test questions/problems regardless of the grade.  Corrected answers will earn the student 1 bonus point for each correction.  Bonus points earned will be added to the student's average at the end of the six weeks grading period in the major grades category.  Test  corrections must be completed on the test correction form.