• Bryson Elementary students and staff greatly benefit from a very active and supportive PTA. The dedicated officers and members of our PTA have worked tirelessly to help provide a quality learning environment for Bryson Bobcats. Listed below are a few of the contributions made to Bryson by our PTA. Your membership in this great organization is appreciated and coveted. Please fill out the Membership Form and return along with the dues to your child's teacher. Thank you for your support.
    The task of educating each student at Bryson is lead by the Bryson staff but certainly involves the support of the parents and other family members. A key component of this team approach to meeting the needs of our students is our Bryson PTA. Not only do they support the teachers through volunteering, they also provide the funding for many learning opportunities. The PTA goes beyond the role of helping to meet the educational needs of our students. They also know that to learn and achieve, students need to have other needs met. The PTA provides financial support for families in need by offering school supplies throughout the year and food during the holidays. Many of the enhancements offered to our school were funded by the PTA, such as the pavilion, some of the playground equipment, and our new track. Bryson is thankful to have such a wonderful PTA lead by dedicated volunteers who put the students and staff Bryson first. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do!
    • Our Pavilion allows some relief from the hot Texas sun and a place to sit with friends and relax.
    • Each day while eating, Bryson students are met with a cheery cafeteria painted with the school colors and our motto boldly and proudly displayed on the wall.
    • Each day, students enjoy playing on playground equipment purchased by the Bryson PTA.
    • Another addition to Bryson provided by the PTA is a 1/8 mile track.