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    Dual credit courses allow students to earn college credit from Tarrant County College while attending class at Boswell High School.  Dual credit courses satisfy high school graduation requirements while providing  college credit.
    The dual credit registration process for the 2018-2019 schoolyear is underway.  We are currently registering all students who are interested in taking classes at the HCTC, at TCC,  or online this summer and during the fall semester at Boswell High School.
    The following handouts will be helpful when registering for classes online.
    Please click the link below to access the current EMS Dual Credit Handbook.  The handbook is a comprehensive guide of all the available dual credit information.
    Please click the two links below to access the current registration packet for the Summer of 2018 and the Fall/ Spring of 2018-2019 school year.  Complete registration packets must be turned into the Boswell Counseling Office or to Mrs. McBride by Friday, February 9th.
    Please click the following form if you wish to be able to speak with teachers and the TCC Dual Credit Office Personnel on behalf of your student.  Without this form, your student will be responsible for speaking on their own behalf, with the help of Mrs. McBride.
    Please click the following link if you are interested in financial aid for dual credit classes or textbooks for the Summer of 2018 or Fall/Spring of 2018-2019 School Year.
    Please contact Jocelyn McBride with any questions
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    To qualify for Dual Credit classes, students must . . .

    • be a high school junior or senior
    • achieve placement test scores appropriate for the course(s) to be taken (see chart below).

    Students are responsible for tuition and fees payable to Tarrant County College. Beginning Spring 2013, students will be responsible for purchasing any needed books for their courses.  

    To apply, you must . . .
    • apply online through Apply Texas
    • complete any required placement testing.
      • students must have satisfactory scores on SAT, ACT, or AP  in order to be exempt from TSI testing. 


    Courses to be taken
    SAT Score
    ACT Score
    TSI Score
    English 1301 and 1302
    English 2322 and 2327          
    Verbal/ min 500
    Combined 1070
    Reading: min19
    Writing: 5 on the essay or
    Minimum 340 with a 4 on the essay AND  
    Reading :351 
    Reading based courses: GOVT, HIST
    Reading: 351
    MATH 1314 or higher
    Math - min. 19