Concert Apparel Buyer's Guide


Black bow tie, white shirt, tuxedo coat and trousers. Black dress shoes (no boots) and black socks. No cummerbunds 


Price Point 

I would go with a used tuxedo.  Full tux sets can be purchased from $50 to $90 (including shirt and tie).  New tux packages usually begin at around $100 per set.



Tuxedo Junction

4800 South Hulen Street

(817) 294-1364

These folks work with area bands and orchestras



Tuxedo Outlet 

5036 Trail Lake Drive

(817) 263-5525

This is a great resource for used tuxedo sets.


 Tux Example


Ankle length, solid black dress preferred (conservative neckline, no side slits, back slits six (6) inches or less), with at least 3/4 length sleeves. Solid black pants (no stirrup pants or leggings). Loose-fitting, opaque blouses or tops are acceptable. Leotard-style tops, bare backs, transparent lace, or flowered blouses/tops are not acceptable. Pants shall be with full (not snug fitting) pant legs. Black dress shoes (no boots, open-toed or clogs) and black hose. Conservative jewelry. Hair ornaments in black only



Price Point  

There are several vendors online that will charge as little as $39 for a dress.  You can probably put together some black slacks and a black blouse for that or less.



Southeastern Performance Apparel

Concert dresses from $39


Concert Dress Examples 
Concert Dress  
Concert Dress Examples 
Concert Dress