Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD hires fully certified and highly qualified teachers and educational aides. We have provided the following information to assist with the procedures of obtaining a Texas Teaching Certificate or other teaching area certifications.

    "I have a degree, but it is not in education. How do I obtain my teaching certificate?"
    Alternative Certification Programs: Educator Preparation

    "I already have a teaching certificate. How do I add endorsements in other subject areas?"
    Additional Certificate Endorsements:
    *Currently certified seeking additional certification -  Additional Certification

    "When and where are the next test dates?"
    Test Information:
    Visit the link below for ExCET and TExES test dates.
    If you have any questions, please contact Stephanie Scheich, Certification Specialist at (817) 232-0880 ext. 2776, or sscheich@ems-isd.net.