• Important Things Parents/Guardians Should Know
    Students should be reading a minimum of 20 minutes Monday through Thursday evenings. This is their assigned homework from the second week of school throughout the school year. Unless I have assigned them something specific to read for class, which will happen from time to time, they should be reading something that interests them. They should be reading a book or a magazine.
    Studies have shown how important it is that students have silent, sustained reading on a consistent basis. Sixth grade is an important time to re-evaluate reading levels and the skills it takes to be a good, active reader. We work on what good readers are thinking when they read, and we discuss different types of learning styles. I want to teach your child in the way that they learn best, but nothing can replace the importance of having them read silently to themselves and practice the good reading habits we are learning about in class.
    It's important to read every night!  
    Please make sure your child is reading consistently in the evenings during the school week. This will help ensure that their reading will improve, and they will be more successful in everything they do. Reading is important for all of their classes! Reading is important for life!