•  Chisholm Trail High School, 2017-2018

          Mrs. Dana Schwartz, Pre-AP English II

    Conference: 2nd period (10:00-10:50)



                    Welcome to a busy year studying literature, writing and author’s craft, all focused on preparing students for AP English III.  My goal this year is to guide you to successful achievement. English II Pre-AP is an AP preparation course designed to prepare students for success in AP Language (English III AP) and AP Literature (English IV AP).  Since the AP courses are college credit granting courses, the level of rigor needed for success in both is quite high; therefore, English II Pre-AP will be a rigorous, focused course designed to help students prepare for future success at the next level. 

                    Assignments will include challenging reading (novels, poetry, drama, non-fiction), creative projects, and a lot of writing assignments – including research.  It is imperative that you make note of assignments and their due dates, so as not to fall behind.  Regular class participation and timely completion of work are keys to your confident mastery of quizzes, tests, essays, and to reaching your potential. This year, all students in EMS will be keeping a Writer’s Notebook. A Writer’s Notebook is a place for writers to collect ideas, practice specific strategies, and experiment with language. From generating ideas, to revising and editing, to eventually publishing a polished piece of writing, students will use their Writer’s Notebooks to keep up with their drafts as they work through the writing process.  I will be providing this notebook (folder) for you, and they will remain in the classroom.

                    After an excused absence, priority one upon returning to school should be inquiring about what was missed and on scheduling a time for making it up.  I will have regularly-scheduled tutorial time, both before and after school, to assist with make-up work and/or any other tutorial needs.  It is up to the student to schedule that time. A grade of a zero will be entered into the grade book until the work is made up.  No more than 3 school days will be allowed for turning in make-up work from an excused absence.

                    Grading for Pre-AP classes will be weighted as follows (per district policy):

                                    Daily Classwork/Homework/Quizzes –40%

                                    Exams/Essays/Projects/District Common Assessments – 60% (at least 3 per six weeks)


                    Late work will receive a deduction (depending on the number of days late): 

                                                                    1 school day- 80% of the grade received 

                                                                    2 school days- 65% of the grade received 

                                                                    3 school days- 55% of the grade received 


    After 3 days late, a grade of a zero will be given.  Re-take/re-do work must be completed within two days of the graded assignment being returned. Major projects are expected to be turned in ON TIME.


    Class Expectations:

                   I want to make my expectations as simple as I can; therefore, we will operate according to the CTHS Rangers’ RIDE code.  Essentially, the root of the RIDE code is Respect: Respect for others and yourself through your actions and behaviors.  This translates to being on time, prepared, and respectful of others.  For Pre-AP students, I expect nothing less.


                    Supplies needed for Pre-AP English are as follows: 

    Ø  Three-ring binder

    Ø  Loose-leaf notebook paper (no spirals) – 1 to 2 packages

    Ø  sticky notes for annotating

    Ø  one box of facial tissue (to be turned in to me)

    Ø  pens (blue/black only), pencils

    Ø  flash drive (suggested but not required)




                   All novels that we read in class this year will be supplied to the students.  However, if you like to make notes or highlight as you read, you should consider purchasing a copy.  (Half-Priced Books is a good source for these novels.)  Otherwise, you will need to use sticky notes to annotate. Please note, the purchasing of books is a suggestion and not a requirement.  Listed below are some of the titles we might cover this year:

    To Kill a Mockingbird

    Julius Caesar

    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


    I would suggest waiting to purchase any books (if you choose to do so) until we begin that particular unit, in case there are changes to this list.


                    I look forward to getting to know you and your parents and to partnering with you throughout the school year.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you ever have any questions or concerns.  Email is always the best way to reach me.


                                                                                                                                    Mrs. Dana Schwartz



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