• Art 1 Pre-AP Syllabus        

     Course Description:

    The Pre-AP Studio class is for the serious art student who has the self-discipline required to design and complete self-generated projects which are finished according to a schedule. This course is the pre-requisite for advanced classes in Drawing and Painting, Sculpture, and Digital Photography. Based on AP College Board Instructional Goals for Studio Art emphasis will be placed on understanding the importance and learning how to recognize and use elements & design principles, a variety of 2-D and 3-D media and techniques, art history, critical thinking, and creative problem solving. Pre-AP students will be encouraged to work independently investigating, researching, exploring ideas to promote their own personal expression at a more rigorous pace. Students will be introduced to the concept of a concentration, develop an awareness of quality in art making, and begin to engage in various levels of art theory.

    Critiques (or “crits”) will be an integral part of the class. They are the way to get the feedback you need to succeed. Do not rob each other of the constructive criticism that will lead to improvement. Debate is encouraged but it must be respectful. It is essential to remember that when we are critiquing your drawing we are not criticizing you as a person. It is helpful to make this distinction for yourself during crits whether we are discussing your drawing or if you are critiquing a classmate’s work. Learning to talk about art is an important skill that we will begin to develop. Your participation in critiques will be considered in your overall class grade.


    Instructional Goals:

     Maintain a journal to research, problem solve, take notes, and develop ideas.

    Students will complete a breadth of work (6-8 depending on size), that demonstrates an understanding of mark making, the elements and principles of design in drawing, 2D design, and 3D design using a variety of media and techniques. This work will be more teacher directed.

    Students will develop a “mini’ portfolio similar to the AP portfolio requirements to prepare them for a future AP course that will include:.


    CONTOUR: FIGURE OR STILL LIFE (3-D Permissible; From Direct Observation)

    • PORTRAIT (3-D Permissible; From Direct Observation)

    • PERSPECTIVE (Interior or Exterior View; From Direct Observation)

    • VALUE (Still Life; From Direct Observation)

    • COLOR THEORY (Photography or Digital Permissible)

    SCULPTURE (Submit two views)

    Digital recording and submission of portfolio will be required.

    All students will participate in group critiques.

    Pre-AP Art I students will be preparing for VASE (Visual Arts Scholastic Event) competition in the spring.

    Learning to pace oneself, keep up with deadlines, and maintain quality work will be necessary.

    A written commentary describing what the concentration is and how it evolved will accompany the work in this section. The response should be concise, legible and well written.

    The last six weeks students will be required to complete two works independently for a concentration. 


    Class Expectations:
     • Be an active participant • Be responsible and respectful • Be time managers
       • Be integrity driven
     • Be safe • Be a team player 


     Please consult the district grading policy  http://www.emsisd.com/cms/lib/TX21000533/Centricity/Domain/4052/Secondary%20GRHB%20Revised%20Jan%202014.pdf. 

    Grades are primarily based on your understanding of skills and the completion of artwork. Grades are not based on talent!

    Portfolio is a collection of your best work. You will be working on your portfolios on a regular basis. You will work independently to develop a portfolio that is counted toward your final semester grade.


     Instructor: Michaela Hanna      


                 817-232-7112 x 7114


    This course syllabus may change at the discretion of the instructor.