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    eTranscripts are here! EMS ISD is making the college application process easier.
    Is your child applying to college? Documents, data, and deadlines… seems like there is so much to gather and remember. But EMS ISD has teamed with Parchment to make the process easier for you and your child.
    One of the required documents you will need when applying to college is an official high school transcript, a student’s academic record. EMS has a new, online service that allows you to request an official high school transcript and send it to the college of your choice with just a few clicks.
    Parchment sends your transcript securely, accurately and confidentially to any college or university. The best part is you can request your transcript anytime from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and to visit Parchment.com.
    Just follow these 3 easy steps to get started:
    1. Register for a free account at parchment.com/register
    2. Request your transcript
    3. Track your transcript
    Creating an account is Free! Contact your registrar for costs regarding transcript requests.
    You can also use Parchment to send additional information electronically, including letters of
    Sending your child’s transcript electronically is easier, safe and saves money! Because it’s online, it is processed much faster; your high school can send it instantly, and the college or university receives it immediately. You no longer have to wonder if your transcript was sent by your high school, or received by the college or university to which your child is applying. Now you can track it all online at your account on Parchment.com. That’s peace of mind!
    eTranscripts are great for schools too. For high school counselors, it means they spend less time pulling files and stuffing envelopes. That’s good for students and parents because now your counselor has more time to spend helping students decide how and where to apply to college. It’s also less expensive to send electronically and requires fewer resources.
    If you have questions about e-transcripts you can contact your child’s school counselor. Don’t delay! Get your registration code from your counselor and sign up for your Parchment.com account today at parchment.com/register.