Game Day Itinerary
    Thursday, October 12, 2017
    Highland Wayside MS
    C Teams @ 4:30pm
    B Teams @ 5:30pm
    A Teams @ 6:30pm
    Start times may be earlier as the next scheduled game will begin 15 minutes after the completion of the game ahead of it.
       Bus Leaves Highland: 3:45pm
     Estimated time of return:  8pm 
     ***FOR HOME GAMES***
    All athletes must put their cell phones away prior to the start of the C team game and are not allowed to have them out until the conclusion of the A team game.
    All athletes will only be allowed to make one trip to the concession stand and must sit with their teammates during all games. 
    All athletes must help with the take down of equipment and must not leave without the permission of their coach.
    ***FOR AWAY GAMES***
           All athletes will place their phones in the coaches bag upon departing the bus at the destination and will have them returned when 
                   loading the bus to come home.
           All athletes must ride to the game on the bus.  Athletes can be signed out after their game is completed and their jersey's are turned in to their coach.
           Athletes will be told to call home once we enter the bus to come home.