O365 for Students
EMS ISD is excited to announce the launch of Microsoft Office 365 accounts for students, grades 2-12. 
Office 365 is a new suite of online services to help you organize your academic life, stay on top of assignments. Contact your teachers and fellow students with the Outlook 365 email service, built on the same platform used in district. Turn in homework on time, confirm deadlines, and keep track of your schedule with the professional calendaring solution included. Get your email anywhere online!
Your Office 365 account gives you access to Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint anywhere online! Work on group projects, share ideas, and collaborate on documents.

How to access Office 365 Account
  • Go to portal.office.com
  • Enter your Student Email address (student ID# followed by @student.ems-isd.net) in the Username field
  • Passwords will vary. Information will be given during sign-up process.

How to Install Microsoft Office on Home/Personal Computers
Students can install the latest versions of Microsoft Office on up to five personal PCs or Macs.
  • Sign in to your Office 365 account at portal.office.com
  • Click the Cog (Gear in the upper right corner) > Office 365 Settings
  • Click Software (from side of window)
  • Verify the version that you are using, and click Install. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.

How to Install Office on Devices
  • Download the Microsoft apps from your app store, OR go to Office on your Devices and select the device (iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, Android Phone)
  • After the installation is complete, open the app
  • When prompted, enter your district email address. Select Organizational or Work account and enter your Office 365 (email) password.

  • What will my student email address be?
    Student email addresses are created with the following pattern: student ID# followed by @student.ems-isd.net
    Example: Student ID#: 123456; email address: 123456@student.ems-isd.net

  • How do I access the Office 365 E-Mail system?
    Click the Student Office 365 link from the campus homepage, or go directly to portal.office.com

  • I cannot get signed in with my username and password. Who can help me?
    Contact one of the Office 365 account managers on your website. 
  • What applications are included with the Office 365 ProPlus for Windows?
    • Word 2013
    • Excel 2013
    • PowerPoint 2013
    • OneNote 2013
    • Access 2013
    • Publisher 2013
    • Outlook 2013
    • InfoPath 2013

  • What applications are included with the Office 365 ProPlus for Mac?
    • Word 2013
    • Excel 2013
    • PowerPoint 2013
    • Outlook 2013

  • On how many devices can I install Microsoft Office?
    Each subscription license allows you to install Microsoft Office on up to five computers. You can also run Office Mobile for Android or iPhone on up to five mobile devices.
  • Can I deactivate an installation to install it on another computer?
    If you have already installed the latest version of Office with office 365 on five computers and want to install Office on a sixth computer, you can do that by first deactivating an installation on one of your current computers.

    Sign in to your Office 365 account and click the cog (gear icon). Click Software on the left side of the page and then click Office. Next click "Deactivate" next to the computer from which you want to deactivate the installation. 
  • How long will I have access to this software?
    The software will stay active until the student graduates or unenrolls from Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD. At this point, students will still be able to access and print Microsoft documents and files. They will not be able to install new instances of Office 365 or create/save/edit files. 

    *The computer will need to be connected to the internet at least once every 30 days to verify that they are still eligible for the program. (No action is needed, other than being connected to the internet.)

  • My Microsoft Office applications are not displaying correctly. What can I do?
    If the Office program looks blurry, displays as all black or all white, the screen flickers, etc., see Performance and display issues in Office 2013 Client Applications.
  • Who provides support for the Microsoft Office downloads and installations on personal devices?
    EMS ISD Technology Department maintains and provides support for district owned devices. If students have issues downloading or activating the software, they can post questions to the Office 365 Forums. For training or questions about how to use the different Office products, students can review the information available here.

  • What students can access Microsoft Office 365?
    Currently, students in grades 2-12 have Office 365 accounts.

  • Does a student have to have a Microsoft Office 365 account?
    The instructional use of Microsoft Office 365 is a very productive instructional classroom tool. Files stored on OneDrive are always accessible and backed-up online in a safe and secure data environment. Implementation of Office 365 in the EMS ISD classroom is a teacher decision, but parents do have the option to opt out of the use of Office 365 for their student. If a parent/guardian feels it is not in the best interest of their student to use Office 365, they can click here to print and complete the EMS ISD Office 365 Opt-Out form and return to your school office.

  • Can students send e-mail to "outside accounts" with this Office 365 account?
    Yes, students will be able to send email to accounts outside of our district.

  • Can a parent see what their student is doing on Microsoft Office 365?
    No, there is not a Parent View account for Office 365. Parents are encouraged to explore Office 365 with their student by logging in together. Students can log in to their Office 365 accounts at home and to show parents what they are currently working on in class, as well as items that have been “turned in” and commented on by the teacher.
 Student O365