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    2015 Schedule


    Date            Day                         Opponent                    Site               Time


    4/9              Thursday                  Wayside                         BHS              5:30/6:40


    4/16            Thursday                  Ed Wilkie                       BHS              5:30/6:40


    4/23            Thursday                  Prairie Vista                   BHS              5:30/6:40


    4/28            Tuesday                   Highland                         SHS              5:30/6:40  


    May 1-2     Friday/Saturday          District Tournament         BHS              TBD


    May 8-9     Friday/Saturday          District Tournament         SHS              TBD


    5/12            Tuesday                   Wayside                         BHS              5:30/6:40  


    5/19            Tuesday                   Ed Wilkie                       CTHS            5:30/6:40


    5/26            Tuesday                   Prairie Vista                     SHS              5:30/6:40


    6/1              Monday                    Highland                         SHS              5:30/6:40



    Practice will be held from 6:45 AM until 8:00 except on game days


    Student athletes must be registered and have a physical to participate in tryouts.  Please come prepared and in the proper athletic attire (no jeans, boots, etc.).  Tennis shoes are ok for tryouts but soccer cleats are needed for the season.  Things that I will be looking for are a positive attitude, teamwork, dribbling, passing/receiving, and shooting.


    The two teams will consist of a combination of 7th and 8th graders and have 15 players on each squad.


    Games will be played 8 vs 8 (7 players and a goalie).  There will be two 25 min halves and a 5 min halftime.  All games will be on a Tues or Thurs at one of the 3 high schools (Boswell, Chisolm Trail, and Saginaw) and will be played against the other middle schools in the district.