• This will not be a literature course as you have come to expect.  This will be a course in rhetoric, in argumentation, in communication, in critical reading, writing, and, ultimately, thinking.  The Powers That Be (namely, College Board, professors at the universities you will soon be attending, etc.) are encouraging teachers of this course to foster you as the “Citizen Scholar.”  This means that success in this course depends not as much on mastery of the given curriculum as the development of the ability to be an informed, intelligent, analytical member of the world in which you live.  Philosophically, I couldn’t agree more.  I’m excited about the potential and possibilities that this class holds for you.

     In short, this course will be the rough equivalent of a collegiate freshman composition course.  The fact that this is a collegiate level course will be the guiding principle for what we do in class, from pacing to instructional style to the volume of material covered.  We will use a thematically-based survey of American literature as a vague skeleton on which to base the rest of the curriculum.  This will be a challenging course, but I believe that the benefits will ultimately outweigh the effort.  In fact, I believe that the effort is directly corollary to the benefits (in other words, you’ll get out what you put in).

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