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Standard Operating Procedure - Outside Vendors on EMS ISD Campuses
September 2016
District Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are set outside of Board Policy and Administrative Regulations. The District Standard Operating Procedure regarding outside vendors on Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD campuses is outlined below.

EMS ISD does not allow outside vendors to come on district campuses and set up shop to try to recruit business. The district strives to be very diligent in keeping businesses and solicitors off our campus grounds and out of our buildings to protect the learning environment from unnecessary distractions.   

As a district, we do allow vendors to become a part of our vendor fair during new hire week, realtor luncheon, special events, and through our Employee Perks program.

If a business organization would like to drop off brochures or treats to put in faculty lounges or distribute to campus faculty/staff, the items may be left at the discretion of the campus Principal. The vendor must drop off the items in the front office and leave the campus. 

Vendors may also partner with the district through our marketing program. The Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD marketing program was implemented in January 2015 to create and foster mutually beneficial partnerships between local businesses and the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD community. The program is intended to provide a community connection that is beneficial for the district, local businesses, and the students of EMS ISD. Advertising through EMS ISD Marketing allows organizations to build their brand while helping to support and enhance the mission and objectives of the district and generate additional revenue for the district. Refer any vendors interested in this opportunity to the Director of Communications.

For student/parent fliers, we use the Peachjar electronic flier delivery system. Information on the e-flier process for those groups can be found on the Communication’s website at: http://www.emsisd.com/Page/24975.

Please contact the Communications Department at 817-232-0880 or info@ems-isd.net if you have any questions.