The more players we get the cheaper it will be.


    Monday Oct.30th @ Saginaw HS Gym


    They will discuss prices, practices, tournaments and fill out player paperwork.

    Any questions, please call Emily Kasper  817-739-1687





    Less expensive club experience

    Form your own school or surrounding area team

    Compete locally

    Choose your own schedule from tournament schedule provided

    7 days of competition

    Additional tournaments may be added

    Travel out of town may be added

    Practice 2 hours weekly

    Select your own practice facility-must be sanctioned

    Select your own coach-we have some available

    Deposits and team paperwork due Oct. 30


    Basic Fees include:

    Coaches salary (4months)

    Use of balls, ball bag and cart

    Uniforms-Mizuno jersey, spandex and TNT sweatshirt


    7 days of Local Tournament entry fees


    Note:  Gym is not included


    Basic Fees:  Cost is per player


                                                                    10 players          9 players        8 players      

                                      OCT. DEPOSIT           250.00               250.00           250.00

                                      NOV. 11TH                200.00               225.00           275.00

                                      JAN. 6TH                   175.00               200.00           250.00

                                      TOTAL:                      625.00              700.00            775.00


    For information call Terri Kelso @ 817-726-4567  or email at   tntvolleyballdfw@gmail.com