• Field Trip Policy

    • Field Trips are a part of the instructional program and offer students unique, hands-on learning opportunities. Each student must have written permission from a parent or legal guardian to be able to attend the field trip. Students who do not attend a field trip will be provided alternate educational opportunities on campus without penalty.   Anyone volunteering to chaperone a group of children on a field trip (which includes other children besides their own) must complete and pass a background/volunteer check for the safety of all children.  These background/volunteer checks must be completed well in advance of the field trip in order to allow time for processing. The background/volunteer form is only on-line.
    • Parents who do not complete a background/volunteer check will only be allowed to accompany their own child on the field trip.

    Student Birthday Acknowledgment

    •  For Kindergarten through Fifth grade, birthday food (i.e. cupcakes, cookies, and candy) are not permitted. Any flowers, balloons, and other special deliveries will be given to the child at the end of the school day.
    School Parties

    • In cooperation with the PTA, the elementary schools sponsor three room parties each year. The three designated party dates are: (Party dates- cupcakes, cookies, and candy are allowed)
      • December - Holiday Party
      • February - Valentines Party
      • May - End of Year Party
    • No other room parties shall be held during school hours. No off-campus party shall be sponsored by the school for any grade in the elementary school.  Also, cupcakes, cookies, and candy are NOT allowed.