8th Grade Practice Schedule & Important Information
    * Please make arrangements to be picked up by 5pm at the very latest each day!
    October 2017
    Practice Times:
    Game Day on Thursdays
    C team-4:30
    B team-5:30
    A team-6:30
    Practice Time on Friday:
    **If you are going to miss a practice, you must call or e-mail the coaches before the start of practice. 817-847-5143 ext. 5217 or jthomas@ems-isd.net or lpark@ems-isd.net
    **NO PASS, NO PLAY! If you need to attend tutorials in the morning, please let your coach know before practice.  If possible, try to make arrangements to attend tutorials after school or during Advisory so that you miss as little practice time as possible.
    **Dress up on Game Days.
    **Home Games: all girls must stay for all games. At the completion of the last game, all girls must help clean up all equipment and trash from the gym. Uniform must be turned into red bucket after the game to be washed. Do not take uniforms home!
    **Away Games: all girls must ride the bus to and from the game. Cell phones may only be used after the completion of the last game to let your parents know we are on our way back to the school. Uniforms must be turned into the red bucket when we get back to HMS. Do not take uniforms home!