• About me and why I love Science!

    Name: Joyce Hill
    Email Address: jhill@ems-isd.net
    Phone number: 817-847-5143 ext.2230

        Science hasn’t always been my passion. In middle school it was definitely not my favorite subject. I actually became interested in it when I was earning my bachelors degree at Metro State College in Denver, Colorado. On top of a mountain in the middle of February I was in a class learning about rocks and I discovered they were a fascinating history book! From that day on, I was hooked on science. I went on to earn my Masters in Secondary Science at the University of Colorado in Denver.   
       I have been teaching science since 1992, with six years in sixth grade and the rest in eighth grade. I have been at Highland since the doors opened and feel that it has been a privileged to serve in such a wonderful and dedicated school. 
       I have been married for 45 years to my husband Dan and have two children, Bill and Angie, who are now grown and married. I have been blessed with twin grandchildren, Drew and Jordan (11), who are my bright and shining stars that make me smile whenever I think about them. They entered third grade this year and ask me wonderful questions about Science all of the time! We are also blessed with two other bright and shining stars, our two granddaughters, Leah Pearl (7) and Aubrey Rose (5), who are absolutely adorable!  Leah started school this year at Willow Creek and loves recess and chocolate milk!!
       Every summer I am very fortunate to attend a teacher workshop at NASA. I have had the opportunity to meet scientists, astronauts and many wonderful teachers who have the same passion for the adventure of space as I do. Every year I learn about all of the new and exciting projects that are being developed by NASA. I love to share this knowledge with my students as I hope one of them will be destined to work for NASA and help our country stay on top of the scientific community. And if by chance one of them decide to be an astronaut and walk on Mars someday, I hope they will bring back a cool rock for my own collection!
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