Parent Information

    Welcome to eighth grade Science!

    This year in science, we will be exploring how all of our systems on Earth work together to make it such a remarkable planet! We will start with the atom and explore all the way out into our universe.  Listed below will be some of the assignments and information that will be required from each student to be successful in science this year.


    Current Events in Science – Knowing what goes on in the world of science is a great application to understanding what we are learning in class this year. Every six weeks, a science current event will be due the 3rd Friday of the six weeks.  A current event may be a magazine or news article, or an interesting television show or movie that is about the subject we are learning about. A short written summary and a paragraph about what they have learned from the current event, what they earn and what they found interesting, and how it relates to science will be required. The article must be included with the assignment. If a television/movie is used, the date and time is required as well as a parent signature. If an Internet article is used, the website must me included as well.

    Newspaper articles and science magazines are available in my classroom to borrow for this assignment. This will be due the end of the third week of each six weeks.


    Ringwords – A spiral notebook has been provided to complete science vocabulary words in every week. This notebook will be used as a reference tool this year in class and in high school. Each vocabulary word will need to include a definition in your own words, a picture, and an underlined synonym or phrase at the end to remind you of the word. Reviewing these words will help you in your daily science assignments and tests. Ringwords are usually due the end of the 5th week of the six weeks.


    Projects – Projects will include a rubric which will list what is required to complete the assignment. Creativity or thinking outside of the box will receive extra credit on your project grade. Projects will be counted as a test grade.


    Homework Assignments – Homework will be graded in class.  Late assignments are not an option! Students will receive a reduced grade and be assigned to ZAP on Friday or lunch detention if they do not complete their work. Assignments will be on the board every day for students to write in their planner to keep you informed on what is going on in class.


    Communication is an important key to help each student be successful in class this year in science. Together as a –   team, we can make this year a great one! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me through my email jhill@ems-isd.net.

    Always reach for the stars!

    Mrs. Joyce Hill