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Aspire 2022 is a planning process that will take place during the 2011-2012 school year to
help us create an extraordinary learning community for EMS ISD students. The planning
we embark on now will take us through the next ten years. 

There are three main stages of this process:

Imagine | What do we want EMS ISD schools to be?

Design | Students, parents, community members, teachers, staff, and administrators
work together to create the guiding principles for EMS ISD.

Implement | Putting the plan into action.

The Process

October 2011 | Community Forums
The two community forums in October will kick off our planning process by inviting our community to
gather to think about what our schools could be.

November 2011 | Planning Session One
The first planning session is one of the most important parts of our strategic planning process and will
take place in November of 2011. Over 30 individuals including students, parents, teachers, community
members, board members, administrators, and other staff members will meet for three days to develop
a draft of the key elements listed below. This group is called the Strategic Planning Team.

A statement that is a
formal expression of the fundamental values of EMS ISD: our ethical code, overriding convictions, and commitments.

A statement that is a clear and concise expression of our identity, purpose, and the means of action.
Strategic Parameters
Limitations we will places upon ourselves. These are things we either will always do, or never do. The strategic
parameters help us
to to filter all opportunities.
Our commitment to achieve specific, measurable end results in terms of student success,
achievement and/or performance.
The strategies are where the rubber meets the road. These are the bold initiatives through
which we will deploy our resources toward our mission and objectives.

December 2011 - February 2012 | Action Plan Development
Once a draft of the strategic plan is reviewed by all involved, Action Teams will meet to create Action Plans to implement the strategies developed in the first planning session. There will be one Action Team for each strategy. Each Action Team will be created from a cross section of people who are affected by and involved in the strategy. The development of Action Plans usually takes 3-4 months.

Late February 2012 | Second Strategic Planning Session
After the Action Plans and Cost/Benefit Analyses have been developed, the Strategic Planning Team will meet again for the Second Planning Session. During this meeting, the action plans most likely to implement the strategies will be selected. The entire plan will be reviewed and prepared for presentation to the Board for approval.

April 2012 | Presentation to the Board
The Superintendent and members of the Aspire 2022 Strategic Planning Team and Action Teams will present the proposed plan to the EMS ISD Board of Trustees in April 2012 for approval. Click here to download the original Aspire 2022 Strategic Plan.

May 2012 | Implementation
February-April 2016 | Reevaluate and Revise Plan 
Original members of the Aspire 2022 Strategic Planning Team, as well as various district leaders hired since the strategic plan's implementation in 2012, joined together to revisit the individual action plans and steps for each of the six strategies. As a result of theses meetings, many strategies were updated to provide greater clarity and focus to those responsible for carrying out each of the initiatives.