Softball Try-outs:
    If your ID# is listed, please report for Wednesday, January 25.
    *you need to meet with Coach Wilson Monday at 8:30 in Room A153.
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                                  What the coaches are looking for:


    Fielding a ground ball:  in the infield with the correct form and an accurate  throw to 1st.


    Catching a fly ball: out of the outfield and an accurate throw to the cut off or the intended base


    Throwing accuracy:  Can you get the ball to the intended base or the correct cut off in the correct line.



    rowing strength:      How far can you throw and how well is it on line.


    Hitting:. Good swing, follow-through, correct form, patience at the plate


    Speed: How fast can you run: 
                                                     From 1st to 2nd
                                                      From Hm to 2nd off a swing

                                                      From HM to HM  


    Work ethic: looking for someone who hustles all the time and will give 100 percent in practice and games


    Attitude: looking for players with great positive attitudes, and want to play on a team,; as a team-- not playing for individual glory.



    GRADES ----- PLAYERS must be passing classes to be eligible to play in games!


    Attendence-------PLAYERS must be in school!